As a full-service lawn care contractor, we not only take pride in our routine performance, but the end result from season to season as well. It is important to combat excessive compaction, thatch, and bare spots before they become bigger problems. Not only do these issues invite weeds and turf diseases, but pests as well.

By performing Core Aeration, we help relieve compaction and help improve the transfer and absorption of nutrients and water, thus strengthening your existing root system. Very beneficial in spring and fall.

An excessive layer of thatch (dead or dying turf) can suffocate your soil and root system and cause much bigger problems in the future. De-thatching your turf areas helps keep your soil and root system healthy and accepting of beneficial nutrients and water. Highly recommended in the spring after a long winter.

Whenever you see bare spots, patches of weeds or clovers, slice-seeding is the answer. A truly healthy lawn benefits from a tight, strong root system in multiple ways. A strong turf root system will suffocate invasive weed growth, thwart diseases and drought, and also prevent indigenous pests from taking over your soil. Slice-seeding will help bring your lawn back to its full and lush nature.