We have over 35 employees and 30 trucks capable of maintaining any size property, from residential driveways, to large commercial lots and shopping plazas. We have a proven track record of successfully maintaining all sizes of properties with plows/pushers attached to front end loaders, dump trucks, and support trucks, as well as Bobcats skid-steers and ride-on snow-throwers for smaller areas and walkways. We also have dedicated snow-blowing and shoveling crews to support our plowing crews.

We have maintained properties ranging from The Riverdale Shops,  Holyoke Crossing, The Longmeadow Shops to Coca-Cola and ISO of New England, and will be working again with some very large properties for the next few seasons as well. Our experience over the last 30 years helps us maintain a clean track record to minimize damage caused by maintaining properties during winter precipitation with Safety First always in mind. That experience also helps us anticipate the accurate and timely scheduling and logistics of crews, whenever possible (certain storms hit during peak morning commute times, and it’s not easy to juggle dozens of demanding customers), to try to ensure all of our customers are maintained by pre-determined deadlines and satisfied with the results. We require our operators to maintain up-to-date with all training and licenses, including DOT and OSHA-certifications. Our operators are always mindful of their surroundings during low-visibility events. Reach out to us for a free estimate, and you’ll be happy you did! 


Meteorologists and weather forecasting are resources that are very unreliable and inaccurate, so we use innovative methods in order to accurately report averages from multiple areas on your property so that accumulations do not become a contested issue when it comes to invoicing. Many variables account for accumulation, and we are considerate of all of them, such as temperature; wind direction, speed and peak gusts; drifts; and differences in elevation, to ensure that we can accurately report the true average of accumulation and type of precipitation on your property with each event.

Not only do we monitor air temperature, we monitor all weather conditions including surface temperature for our properties. It can easily be 36 degrees outside with a surface temperature of 24 degrees, which will greatly affect how we manage your property needs on that day.  This is one of the ways we maintain consistent safety for your residents, employees, and visitors at your property.


Modus Operandi: Always plan for 6”. If we are ready for 6” of snow and ice, we can handle a 12”, 18”, or 24” Nor’easter.

We maintain properties all over Massachusetts during the harsh winter months. No two storms are alike. One may be heavy, wet snow that accumulates quickly with calm winds; the next may be high wind gusts and icy conditions. We have to be prepared no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.

With the wide variety of our high-profile and high-maintenance customers who have heavy foot traffic and operate a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week facility, we use a Magnesium Chloride-based liquid pre-treat solution from Bare Ground Solution for their walkways, and sometimes, driveways and parking areas. This solution is most effective when conditions are dry to begin with and temperatures are below 34 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a liquid application that has been tested and proven to melt up to 3 inches of precipitation and/or ice, yet is also less corrosive than the solutions used on public roads, so it is much safer on hard surfaces and the environment as a whole. We always consider the environmental effects in every service we provide, and Bare Ground Solution helps us try to minimize the frequency and volume of salt and other heavily-corrosive products whenever possible. We even mix our own salt brine with a Non-Hazardous Calcium Chloride liquid treatment to ensure property safety. We refer to this as a “HOT LOAD”.


When snow piles become so large that they’re dangerously obstructing vision or consuming too much space, it becomes necessary to relocate or haul snow off of the property. Our experienced management and operators can help advise you on an affordable solution.

We not only have the vehicles, manpower, and capacity to perform Snow Relocation & Hauling services, but we also work very closely with many local trucking companies to help expedite the process. It is important to all of us that your property is safe and accessible for your employees and customers at all times. As a responsible, accountable contractor, we will recommend these services if we deem that safety and/or accessibility may become an issue with the next winter precipitation event.