Pioneer Landscapes, Inc. will help transfer your home with a custom landscape lighting design that can light gardens, water features, walks, and patios or provide security to those dark areas of your yard.

Or if you have just finished a landscape project. . . there is nothing better than a well designed low voltage LED system to extend the use of your new outdoor entertainment areas, plantings, etc. From hidden fixtures to decorative lamps, we offer many styles to meet your needs. Landscape Lighting has proven to be one of the best selections to upgrade your landscape on the market today.

We will install any type of lighting on the market, but generally we find ourselves installing Kichler and Design Pro LED the most. Why is kichler and Design Pro LED the right choice for your home?

You want a beautifully lit home and landscape. 
Kichler delivers the finest quality of light – a beautiful, warm white light that enhances your exterior surroundings.

You want to enjoy the light, not have to replace light bulbs. 
While your new system will require some maintenance, the nuisance of light bulb replacement is virtually eliminated. Plus, Kichler Design Pro LED is backed by the best warranty available on landscape LED lighting.

You want to save money.
Kichler Design Pro LED is proven to offer electricity savings of nearly 75% - 85% over traditional lighting options. Most bulbs are only 3 watts. Thats 20 lights at the cost of one 60 watt bulb. Impressive!

You want to be mindful of the environment. 
Kichler Design Pro LED fixtures are energy-friendly using only a fraction of the electricity used on a traditional landscape lighting system and free of toxic chemicals.