Goshen stone is an unusual color formation of Mica Schist, and because it is a form of Mica Schist, it allows it to be cut/broken into long, thin sheets or pieces. This is what makes it the perfect stone for a naturally occurring stone or slab in a walkway, but also can be built into an incredibly strong free standing wall, or retaining wall. The stone we locals see almost on a daily basis, is nearly exclusively found in New England, and is not seen anywhere else in the world in this particular color. If you are looking for that local touch to your New England home, Goshen Stone is the perfect choice.

Applications for Goshen Stone:

  • Large Slabs for a patio or walkway (Manufactured pavers are not generally made this large, and when they are, their cost is also very large).

  • Free-Standing and Retaining Walls

  • Counter tops for your outdoor kitchen or living space

  • Firepits

  • Staircase Steps

  • Benches

  • "Tier's" or steps within waterfalls