Watering is the single most important element to maintaining a beautiful landscape & is often overlooked. We can design a Lawn Sprinkler System to fit any need as well as maintain the system. Over the past 20 years we have installed many different systems including, but not limited too:

  • Two Wire Toro

  • Pond Supplied Systems

  • Well Supplied Systems

  • Water Recovery Systems

  • Conventional Systems

Our experienced technicians have been trained to handle design, installation, maintenance and repairs for all Hunter, Rain Bird, and Toro Lawn Sprinkler System. We have the experience and capability to handle all necessary maintenance for your underground sprinkler system; regardless of size. We can offer an upgrade your controller to a WiFi controller that allows us and you to monitor the system 24/7 from anywhere. It also makes it easier for start-up and winterization, you turn the water on or off and we take care of the rest without entering your home in most cases.

As well as providing design solutions and installation, we maintain Lawn Sprinkler Systems on both large and small commercial, municipal, and residential properties. Over the years, we have designed, installed and maintained irrigation systems to provide full coverage for larger commercial properties like Big Y, Home Depot, F.W. Webb, Coca-Cola, etc. We perform system start-up and shut-downs, while ensuring their systems are operating properly during growth season, at the correct time, and providing full coverage to turf and plants.

We maintain inventory on Hunter systems that we design, install, and maintain, as well as Toro, Rain Bird and K rain products therefore we can provide immediate response for any sudden maintenance needs. We would like to become your preferred Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance contractor. As a local, full-service contractor, you can count on us to make sure your turf and plants stay irrigated, even in the most extreme summer conditions!

Lawn Sprinkler Installation Estimate

Your Lawn Sprinkler System is comprised of a back flow preventer (this stops the water in the system from re-entering your drinking water), a serious of valves (these allow the water to flow to each designated zone) and series of zones. Typically each zone has 5 rotary heads or up to 10 spray heads. The heads deliver the water to your lawn and garden. Of course this depends on volume and water pressure. Installations using wells as a source for water are typically lower volume and pressure and can in some cases require a storage tank and possibly a booster pump.

Get your lawn sprinkler estimate

Each 5 head zone waters an average 4 – 4.5k square feet. Please call in your sq. ft. of turf area and we will calculate the number of zones and give an average price to you for your system.