Our pest control treatment targets Mosquito's, tick's, and flea's and is typically applied every 10-17 days for maximum effectiveness. The treatment begins once the snow has melted, and runs until October.  By treating through October, this prevents any unwanted pests from burying in the ground for the winter, and gives you a fresh start for the upcoming year.

To control the Mosquitos within the designated area, it works in a three part system

  • Part 1:  Our treatment creates a perimeter and masks the scent of CO2 which typically is what attracts a Mosquito or insect pest to a person or animal.

  • Part 2: The 2nd part of the treatment Kills Mosquitos on contact, while it remains certified by the EPA and will not effect anyone in your family including your pets

  • Part 3: The final stage of the treatment leaves behind a layer that repels all Mosquitos away from the perimeter of your property

Mosquito Traps Don't Work

The problem with mosquito traps is that they attract more insect pests than they can Kill. It may appear to be working for awhile, but soon you will have a machine that is just attracting more insect pests directly where you do not want them.

Yes, we also have sprays for Fleas & Ticks!

If you have kids or pets and have ticks or fleas around your property, everyone is at risk for Lyme Disease. Help prevent the risk of exposure and the spreading of Lyme Disease by having us perform Perimeter Flea & Tick Control. We typically perform applications every 10-17 days (dependent on your property) in spring, summer, and late summer/early fall.

Ant and Grub Treatments

Ants and grubs are typically a product of poor turf root structure and unhealthy soil biology. They’re very invasive and can quickly kill large turf areas by consuming nutrients and starving the root system, leaving behind a visual path of destruction. A strong and healthy turf root system will help thwart pests from residing in your soil. We can help you get control of lawn pests and then help repair and improve your conditions with our fertilization programs. Ask us about a free consultation & estimate today!