Organic Lawn Care & Service You can trust

A Commitment to Integrity

As your local organic lawncare provider, Pioneer Landscapes, Inc. takes this commitment seriously. When you hire a lawn care service to care for your property you expect results and professionalism, and with Pioneer Landscapes as your local organic provider, you can be sure we won’t let you down. The products Pioneer Lawn Care uses to deliver those results are different than your average lawn care service.

With a Pioneer Lawn Care Program™ You Can Be Sure That:

  • We will only use products that are acceptable under the strictest organic standards.

  • We will NOT use products derived from human or animal waste.

  • Communication and education is key. We promise to keep you well informed about the things you can do to get the most out of your organic lawn.

  • Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum Programs can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Our Secret Weapon

The goal of organic lawn care is to stimulate the biological activity in the soil. Organic products feed the soil through the introduction of select beneficial microbial species allowing them to facilitate the natural processes inherent to healthy plant growth.

Diverse consortiums of bacteria and fungi will not only stimulate the indigenous species of microbes in the soil but organic has also proven that applying this active microbial solution will increase biological activity in the soil 100-fold. When Pioneer Lawn Care combines this formula with their natural sources of plant nutrition, your lawn will reach its full genetic potential. WITHOUT THE USE OF CHEMICALS.

What about Weeds and Crabgrass?

Just because it’s organic doesn’t mean we ignore weeds and crabgrass. We will consistently apply natural weed and crabgrass controls over the course of the season. By using liquid corn gluten and an iron based post emergent selective weed control we can offer as good a control of weeds and crabgrass as any chemical service.

It is important to keep in mind that complete eradication of weeds is almost impossible even with a potent chemical arsenal. The best way to deal with weeds and crabgrass is to follow a proper routine in terms of cultural practices. Always mow high, always mulch your clippings and, whenever possible, NEVER mow during the heat of the day.

"The standard practices of traditional chemical lawn services cannot remain the same. They will be eliminated by way of legislation and/or innovation with environmentally friendly solutions.… "
-Team Pioneer Landscapes

As seasoned professionals, we will help advise you how to get the best results out of organic products, including how to overcome compaction issues and eliminate weeds.

Augmented by common sense cultural practices and improvements like aeration, liming, proper mowing, mulching and slice seeding the soil is slowly being transformed. The ultimate outcome Is a premium high quality non-toxic lawn that you can be proud of, that can better handle the yearly trials and tribulations of New England weather. In addition to this is the assurance that you have done nothing to damage your environment and actually improved it!

Silver Program:

Silver is designed to be the entry level of organic programs with a six-step chemical program. The six treatments shall be applied at approximately 5-6 week intervals. The applicator will also spot treat some salient areas with weed control. Though the real emphasis of organic lawn care is to treat the soil with positive liquid inoculates, compounds, nutrients and organisms that improve the soil health so that the lawn can out compete the weeds and better take care of itself.

Gold Program:

The Gold Program combines the benefits of the Silver Program, but we arrive at the property before the Bee Safe applications begin to Aerate your soil which gives it more oxygen to breathe, and it prepares the turf to accept the application.

Platinum Program:

The Platinum Program combines all the benefits of the Silver and Gold programs, and tops it off with two organic granular fertilizers to give your lawn everything it needs (besides water) to flourish throughout the year.