Proudly serving commercial and residential properties in the Pioneer Valley and surrounding areas

To keep your property looking well-manicured and prepared for the upcoming season, whether it is summer or winter, removing all leaves & debris from turf areas and hard surfaces is an important part of routine maintenance. Debris can not only leave things looking unsightly, but can cause bigger problems like polluting the soil and eventually killing turf areas. If leaves are left in beds around foundation plants, it creates perfect nesting areas for mice and the like. They also gnaw on the stem & branches of these plants causing wounds for opportunistic insects and disease to seize it's opportunity.

In the spring, it’s important to remove all the debris that a long, harsh winter brings to your turf areas: sand, salt, leaves, branches, etc. Removing this debris not only helps keep the property looking well-manicured, but is also beneficial to the soil, turf root system, shrubs and perennials, and prepares them all for the upcoming growth season.

In the fall, whether you choose to have us remove leaves as they fall or wait until the trees are bare, it’s important to remove leaves and debris, and have your turf cut at an ideal 3” to withstand the upcoming winter season and the effects it can have on turf. Again, it will help soil absorb nutrients and water, as well as keep your turf prepared for the long haul of winter