There is a process when it comes to planting any vegetation, and we have the knowledge and experience to handle any scale of a planting job, from tree lines to perennial gardens. We use the most advanced equipment and techniques so that we don’t damage anything that we plant, and we proudly stand behind every single planting with our warranty.

We have helped many customers beautify their landscape, ranging from small residential to large commercial properties, whether it’s new construction or renovation. Some people want more color and character added to their property, while others just want solutions for less turf areas to maintain so they add a garden or flower bed. No matter what your idea or issue is, we can help provide you with a solution and give you the appealing finished product that you were looking for.

We also want to help you protect your investment, and keep it as low-maintenance as possible. We recommend using landscape fabric for stone-mulched beds but with bark mulch, two applications of Snapshot pre-emergent non-selective weed control will help prevent growth of weeds. Depending on your needs and preferences, we will custom-design your planting for you, and also help make it easy for you to maintain for years to come.

Professional Shrub and Perennial Transplanting & Removal

Transplanting and/or removing shrubs or perennials can have a drastic effect on refreshing the look of your landscape. We have the modern equipment and techniques to warranty our transplants, whether they’re shrubs or perennials. We also have the experience and knowledge which makes us familiar with the tolerances of certain species so that they survive the transplanting to the new location.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to add quality topsoil (Grade A screened loam) and peat moss to help the transplant survive in its new location. Our expertise and experience in these areas helps us determine what is necessary for us to be able to stand behind our warranty. On commercial and residential properties, we want to make sure your plan is a success; transplanting can be tricky depending on the in-season timing and species involved. Contact us for a free estimate!

Professional Tree & Shrub Pruning

Most people don’t realize the negative effects that overgrown trees and shrubs can have. Not only are overgrown trees dangerous, but they can also contribute to starving your turf areas and other vegetation of natural sunlight, causing excessive moss or other invasive problems. Overgrown shrubs in contact with buildings often lead to pest infestations. As the preferred landscape maintenance contractor for many high-profile commercial properties, it is our responsibility to help maintain a safe, orderly landscape for all of our clients.

There are two types of pruning that we offer. Maintenance pruning is the task of trimming trees and shrubs back to healthy shape and size from recent growth within a season. Reduction pruning is the task of trimming overgrown trees and shrubs down to normal shape and size due to lack of maintenance for several consecutive seasons. We offer both services; obviously Reduction Pruning is more labor-intensive and costly due to the nature of the work and time involved.

We usually schedule two rounds of pruning per season to help maintain a clean landscape without letting things overgrow and become either a liability or a visual nuisance. By maintaining your tree canopy and shrubs twice a year, we ensure that overgrowth won’t become an issue on your property. When your property is properly maintained, it is less expensive from season to season. It is a misconception that you can save money by skipping maintenance one or two seasons; it will almost always certainly cost more to catch up when trees and shrubs aren’t maintained for several consecutive seasons.