Just like fertilizer, it is crucial to properly diagnose a weed problem and know which product to apply. For example, targeting existing crabgrass or broad-leaf weeds in your lawn mid-season requires a different product and method of application versus controlling weeds in a newly-constructed flower bed.

We have the knowledge and experience to differentiate what product to use and the method and consistency of the application.

As a full-service contractor, we need to have the flexibility necessary to maintain properties after we perform installations of sod, hydro-seeding, and flower bed construction, so we know that each property is unique and requires our weed control to be tailored specifically to that property. We are a fully-licensed applicator for all legal herbicides in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We only apply products that we are legally licensed to apply, and maintain an environmentally-conscious stance whenever doing so. We carry a full line of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides so you can be confident in our ability to eliminate your weed problem. We will help you take back control of your yard and help prevent weeds from coming back.