We have been carefully selecting the best Natural based products available to correct and improve the soil and root structure. The “soil first” approach is what sets us apart from most chemical based granular fertilizers. Our liquid program utilizes natural occurring biological organisms, beneficial bacteria, fungi, and Humates which work to build up soil activity to utilize the nutrients available in the soil profile to make them available to the lawn throughout the year.

The fertilization and application season generally starts in march, and runs through October, but it is never too late to start.

Plan & Details

insert text: $4.00 – $21.00 per hour

insert text: $3.09 – $15.00 per hour

insert text: $2.15 – $5.41 per hour

insert text: $2.18 – $4.11 per hour

insert text: $4.18 – $6.25 per hour

Popular Questions

Will your fertilizer programs affect my children or pets?

Our traditional fertilizer program is safe for the little ones around the house, but we do suggest giving the fertilizer time to soak in properly for proper function. For those who wish to be extra safe, we would suggest our Organic Fertilization Program.

Can I spray my lawn just once?

We do not suggest this, because we can not guarantee it will work as it is supposed too.  We like to compare it to taking antibiotics:  The problem isn’t fixed immediately, and you have to see it through its full cycle to get to where you want to be.