Landscapers mow lawns.  Pioneer Landscapes, Inc. will design, produce, and maintain your backyard oasis. Through creativity, vision, and over 150 years of combined experience, Pioneer aims to produce outdoor living spaces that leaves our clients feeling like they can vacation in their backyard. 

Services We Offer:

Service & Benefits:

Outdoor Kitchen & Living Spaces: We have seen an 83% increase since last year of homeowners wanting the ability to cook outdoors on permanent grills.

Pavilions, Decks & Pergolas: Enjoy your outdoor space in the intense sun and even when it’s raining.

Pool Houses & Sheds: A pool house adds the perfect convenience to your backyard fun. They can be customized with a bathroom, full kitchen or a relaxing space to chill and watch the game. Most pool houses we build are designed with a shed on the back side.

Pondless Water Falls, Features & Ponds: Backyard pools that looks like a natural ponds are becoming popular additions to any backyard. Imagine a beach entry pond in your back yard.

Landscape Lighting: Accent your property features, and provide soft indirect light to enjoy your outdoor space into the evening.

Gas Torches, Fire Rocks & Bowls: Gas features add the perfect elegance to you outdoor surroundings.

Fire Pits & Fire Place (Gas or Wood): Fire makes for the perfect gathering spot to continue entertaining into the evening or family fun making smores and great conversation.

Electronics: Audio (SONOS, etc.) & Television: Friends and family in your back yard. The night is to beautiful to end. It’s the 5th inning and the Sox are up 4-3. You wont miss a play with the outdoor TV and surround system.

Walls, Walks & Patios: Hard-scapes is a necessity to your outdoor environment. Walkways, sitting walls, fire-pit, & patio. They frame the outdoor space you want to be in.

Irrigation Design, Installation & Maintenance: A healthy supply of water is the single most important element while maintaining any landscape.

Tree, Shrub, & Flower Planting: Accent and beautify your property

Hydro-seeding, Slice Seeding & Sod: Accelerate the new grass growth process.

Erosion Control & Drainage: A necessity to be able to enjoy any property without the risk of damage to your landscape.

Excavation & Site Preparation: When you hire Pioneer, we are prepared to perform all aspects of your outdoor project.  – This drives costs down.

Property Design & Development: We can’t be a “one stop shop” without offering creativity, vision, and property design and development.  

Popular Questions

Why does a Landscape project cost so much? It doesn’t have to. We can design any project to fit into your budget. We also create plans that can be accomplished in 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. The bottom line is we work within yours.

What is the timeline for the project? This all depends on the scope of the project. We have done one day fire-pit projects and projects that can take months.

What is the total budget for construction? If you can dream it, we can build it. In all seriousness, you should work with our designer to create a design that works best for you and your budget. Remember, It doesn’t all have to be done in one season. Keep in mind there are sequential steps that must be followed. For instance, hard-scapes and sleeves (for future electric, audio, lighting or irrigation) are usually the first to go in. This can leave your project not looking finished but is still functional.